A Dedicated Pursuit to Improving Mental Healthcare

Aiberry was born from the understanding that current mental health screening practices are tedious, subjective, and error-prone, cutting into valuable time that healthcare providers could be spending on treatment and critical patient care. Based on two decades of research and innovative technology, Aiberry is increasing access to care, enhancing early detection, and enabling healthcare providers to make sound clinical decisions and achieve better treatment outcomes for their patients in real-time.

The beginning

Our Origin Story

Two decades of research bundled into one powerful solution that helps providers better serve their patients.
15 years ago, a group of professors and students at Oxford University and University of Paris hypothesized that depression could be detected by analyzing the unique muscles in our face. The hypothesis evolved to consider the insights available from voice and word context analysis. Newton Howard, Soujanya Poria, and Navonil Majumder have spent the better part of the 2000s perfecting this science into a proven methodology for detecting mental illnesses. This methodology is the basis for Aiberry’s patented AI and our inspiration for putting an impactful 21st century tool into the hands of healthcare providers.

Experience excellence

Our Commitment

Our Machine Learning (ML) pipelines are designed to eliminate biases, including those related to age, gender, sexual orientation, and race.

As we learn more through our clinical trials, our algorithms will continue to improve. Throughout, patient privacy is paramount.

Patients Are At The Center of Everything We Do
We are laser-focused on empowering patients and healthcare providers through innovative technology and a people-first approach to make behavioral and mental healthcare easy and accessible to all.
User Privacy and Data Safety is Paramount
Patient privacy and data protection is our responsibility, and our team is fully committed to ensuring that our solution meets the highest standards at every turn.
Proven Clinical Research Guides Our Decisions
We are guided by cutting-edge research and validated by an ongoing multi-site clinical study. Through this methodology, Aiberry is changing the way we view “mind care."
Access to Mental Health Care For All
We eagerly accept the responsibility to broaden access to mental health services and do so in a way that is equitable for all, regardless of individual and societal demographics.

Join Us On Our Mission To Improve Mental Healthcare Today

Does the opportunity to make mental health screening objective and accessible through the combination of cutting-edge technology and a people-first approach excite you? If so, we invite you to explore the open positions with our diverse, mission-driven team.

Our ethos: Patient is always first

We believe in the profound impact AI can have on our lives and recognize the tremendous responsibility it brings.

We believe in the profound impact AI can have on our lives and recognize the tremendous responsibility it brings.

Our purpose – what drives us

Our guiding light, our north star

to revolutionize mental healthcare

User Privacy and Data Safety is Paramount

Our long-term ambitions

We incorporate the highest standards of privacy and data protection in the solution design from the outset.

Our vision – why we do it

Our long-term ambitions

to empower patients and providers
with the tools to effectively and efficiently
assess behavioral health

Uphold High Standards of Clinical Research

Our reason for being

We strongly believe in developing AI tools that work for everyone and are conducting a multi-site clinical study to validate the efficacy of our solution

Ensure Inclusivity and Treat Everyone Fairly

We ensure our AI tools do not reflect or reinforce unfair biases and treat everyone fairly irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, income, sexual orientation, ability, and political or religious belief.

Assure Safety, Reliability, and Transparency

We apply strong safety practices to avoid unintended results, err on the side of caution and make our systems understandable and provide opportunities for feedback.

Our mission – how we do it

Our reason for being

to offer objective, accurate, and scalable
solutions via the power of AI, making
behavioral healthcare accessible to all

Our positioning – how are we unique

What makes us stand out from the crowd, the flag we fly

deep tech at the service of
universal mental well-being

How we will deliver this

What defines us

Our values

Our beliefs and what we stand for

Our personality

What makes us different, how we behave and communicate

Our tone-of-voice

How we speak and want to be spoken to

Our essence

The heart and soul of our brand, our core idea or cause

Our motto