Get more from mental health assessments.

Assess multiple mental health conditions and get reliable, objective risk scores and insights.

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Aiberry makes it easy for

By allowing patients to actively participate in the conversation, providers can screen for mental health disorders while keeping the primary focus on the member’s direct needs and concerns.


Hello AI-powered assessments,
farewell outdated forms.

How mental health screening works

Our platform analyzes text, audio and video to screen for a range of mental health conditions. Findings are delivered via a user-friendly online dashboard for analysis, where ongoing screening results and trends can be measured over time.

Aiberry helps healthcare providers conduct quick and objective mental health screenings during in-clinic visits by eliminating the need for paper-based forms and delivering real-time assessments of a patient’s mental state.

The future of mental health
assessments ...

Delivers a more comprehensive patient assessment at in-take
Eliminates digital/paper forms, simplifying the process
Provides reliable results for diagnosis and treatment
Empowers patients to express their mental health state

Tracks progress over time for better insights

Includes a telehealth platform for virtual patient meetings

“Aiberry creates an engaging experience by initiating a conversation, which is more dynamic and complete than standard forms allow.”

Using Aiberry, our patients are more apt to be honest with regards to where they are and we’re seeing a difference in the outcomes from treatment as a result.

Aiberry helped improve depression diagnosis from
24% to 46%

Aiberry helped improve depression diagnosis from 24% to 46%.

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