Frequently Asked Questions

Aiberry is an innovative, easy-to-use mental health screening solution that improves efficiency and saves time for healthcare providers. Cutting-edge AI technology analyzes patient words, voices, and facial expressions during a short, guided conversation deliver critical insights to providers that help them accurately diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

Mental illness is the one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. This critical issue is twofold – mental illness is on the rise while there is an alarming scarcity of mental health resources. Early detection of mental illness is critical to prevent escalation of serious disorders, yet less than 5% of adults are screened for mental illness. The median time between the onset of the illness and first treatment contact is a staggering 11 years.

Current mental health screening methods are subjective and time consuming, with different processes and forms for each mental disorder. Aiberry’s screening platform provides objective, timely and accurate insights into a patient’s mental health by passively and simultaneously screening for multiple mental health conditions.

Aiberry’s platform is designed specifically for healthcare providers and patients. It can be used by mental health providers, primary care physicians, hospital systems, digital and telehealth platforms, and corporate wellness providers to augment their mental health screening process and expand access to care for patients. Patients can also conduct self-mental health screenings and report the findings to their healthcare provider for further evaluation.

Currently, Aiberry’s platform screens for depression. Soon, we will be adding screening capabilities for additional conditions, including anxiety and suicidal ideation. 

Aiberry’s platform is comprehensive and can be used for all-round patient care. Here are some examples of how Aiberry’s platform can be used: 

  • Screening during telehealth and in-person patient visits, at both intake and follow up appointments
  • Driving patient engagement with marketing emails to get people to take a self-assessment
  • Assess impact of activities in recovery centers by assessing before and after results
  • Ability to engage patients differently by showing them trendlines and compare them to their own self-reporting, which may be consistently under or over reporting
  • Ongoing patient monitoring using Aiberry’s self-screening functionality
  • Patient triage during initial contact
  • Employee self-screenings via corporate wellness programs

Aiberry’s platform was created with the mental healthcare needs of patients and providers top of mind. It is a comprehensive platform that integrates critical features, including video telehealth visits, in-clinic visits, self-assessments via mobile app, digital screening forms, screening history, provider notes, ongoing progress monitoring, and more. 

Currently the use of Aiberry’s platform is by invitation only. Please contact us if you would like to use the Aiberry platform.

The only hardware requirement to use Aiberry’s platform is an internet-connected webcam, smartphone or tablet that can record audio and video with clarity. 

Yes. We comply with and adhere to both HIPAA and GDPR standards. Data protection and privacy is paramount for us. In addition to complying with these standards, we take additional stringent measures and conduct regular audits to ensure that all patient and provider data is completely safeguarded. 

No. Under no circumstances will we ever sell your or your patients’ data. Period. 

All data is encrypted during both transit and rest with strong encryption measures. Our end-to-end platform is hosted in the AWS HIPAA compliant cloud. These systems are fault tolerant, redundant, and have high availability. We use multi-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security and ensure only authorized people can access the data. This access to data is limited to only those who need access to carry out their job function. Finally, there is a detailed audit trail for all access and changes to data and systems. 

Would you like to learn more about how Aiberry is revolutionizing mental healthcare or are you interested in scheduling a demo? Contact our team today to get a conversation started.