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Aiberry is a cutting-edge, AI-powered mental health assessment platform.

AI Mental Healthcare

Hello AI-powered assessments, farewell outdated forms

How Aiberry Works


Simple, friendly, conversation with Botberry allows users to respond in their own words about how they are feeling. 


Aiberry’s AI powered engine analyzes text, audio, and video objectively to determine a user’s mental health assessment. 


The user will receive quantified insights into the mental health status, symptom assessments, and a transcript of the conversation. 

Aiberry’s depression assessment is equivalent or superior to a self-reported questionnaire 98.9% of the time.

The future of mental health screening...

Delivers a more comprehensive patient assessment at in-take

Eliminates digital/paper forms, simplifying the process

Provides reliable results for diagnosis and treatment

Empowers patients to express their mental health state

Tracks progress over time for
better insights

Includes a telehealth platform for virtual patient meetings

“Aiberry creates an engaging experience by initiating a conversation, during which is more dynamic and complete than standard forms allow. Using Aiberry, our patients are more apt to be honest with regard to where they are and we’re seeing a difference in the outcomes from treatment as a result."

Latest News & Developments

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Patient safety, security and privacy

Patient privacy and protection is our obligation, and we are steadfast in ensuring that our solution meets the highest standards at every turn. Aiberry incorporates state of the art security and encryption measures to ensure complete patient privacy and data security.