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AI Mental Healthcare

Hello AI-powered assessments, farewell outdated forms

The future of mental health screening...

Performs one efficient screening for multiple mental health conditions.

Saves time during the mental health screening process.

Eliminates the need for paper-based screening forms.

Provides objective screening results to ensure accurate diagnosis.

Reduces inaccurate reporting of symptoms by patients.

Allows patients to talk freely and share important details with their healthcare provider.

Keeps both patients and providers informed about mental health scores and trends over time.

Offers a built-in telehealth platform to meet with patients virtually.

“Aiberry creates an engaging experience by initiating a conversation, during which is more dynamic and complete than standard forms allow. Using Aiberry, our patients are more apt to be honest with regard to where they are and we’re seeing a difference in the outcomes from treatment as a result."

How Aiberry Works

3-to-5 minute conversation

In-person, telehealth and self-screenings are easy and fast, delivering accurate results in just a few minutes.

The Power of the AI

Important clues about peoples’ mental health are noticeable in their tone of voice, facial expressions, and word analysis. Our AI detects these clues and delivers to the provider.

User-friendly dashboard

Results delivered to serve as guide for diagnosing and determining the best treatment options.

Trends and progress

Providers and patients can view results over time to ensure patients are receiving the best care possible.

Latest News & Developments

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Patient safety, security and privacy

Patient privacy and protection is our obligation, and we are steadfast in ensuring that our solution meets the highest standards at every turn. Aiberry incorporates state of the art security and encryption measures to ensure complete patient privacy and data security.